About us

StopandThink.us is the brainchild of national radio host, USA Today columnist and best-selling author Kim Komando. 

“In every ransomware attack I know of — from the Columbia Pipeline to the JBS meat packing attack, and to all of the other thousands of attacks sustained just this year alone — I am yet to hear of even one that did not begin with an email that should have never been opened,” says Komando, whose is heard every week on more than 420 radio stations across the country.

Komando makes it her mission to share tech privacy tips, security advice and breaking news alerts each week on her national radio show and 24/7 at Komando.com. She and her team send millions of email newsletters each month alerting readers to breaking tech news, security alerts, and privacy tips and tricks.

“It is extremely alarming and dangerous that we do not know the actual number of successful ransomware attacks that are going on right now. Companies do not want to admit that they have been victimized because they will appear to have been unprepared. And it just so happens to be true. Because almost all ransomware attacks are 100% preventable.”